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Indian Journal of Community Psychology is an official Journal of the community Psychology Association of India (CPAI). The CPAI was founded in 1987 at Lucknow University with the aim to serve the communities.

Indian Journal of Community Psychology is published two times a year in March and September.

Editor in Chief

Surendra Nath Dubey, Faizabad

Associate Editor

Ramjee Lal, Jaunpur

Editorial Consultants


R. K. Mishra, U.S.A.

Shripati Udadhyaya, U.K

B.L. Dubey, USA


A.K. Sen, Delhi


N. K. Sharma, Kanpur

P.C. Mishra, Lucknow

Reeta Kumar,Varanasi


Gandharva R. Joshi, Rajkot

 John Baby,Calicut 

H. K. Sharma, Jodhpur

R. Sakthidharan, Thiruanantapuram

S. Karunanidhi, Chennai


N.S. Tung, Amritsar




Abstracting and Indexing : The articles published in IJCP are abstracted in PsycINFO database of American Psychological Association.

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